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Frequently asked questions...

In this area you will find answers to our most common questions from our lovely clients. If there is something specific you would like the answer too, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What time can I drop off and collect my Dachshund?

Drop off and collection times throughout Monday - Friday are 4pm onwards. For Saturdays and Sundays, drop off and collection times can be from 8am onwards.

Please note all drop off and collection arrangements are discussed in your 'meet and greet session'

Will I meet you prior to my Dachshunds stay?

Yes, of course, we love a 'Meet & Greet'. Prior to your Dachshunds stay with us we will arrange a 'meet & greet' session at our home. This session normally lasts for 45 minutes and allows you to see our home, our garden, view our procedures & policies and ask any specific questions you have regarding your Dachshunds stay.

Do I need to provide food, bedding and toys?

The majority of our clients provide their own food for their Dachshunds stay however food can be supplied if required. You are more than welcome to bring bedding, toys, familiar items and these will be passed back to you on collection.

A 25% deposit is payable upon booking with the remaining balance due on or before drop. We accept bank transfer, cash or credit & debit card.

What are your payment terms?

Do you stay in touch throughout the stay?

We stay in touch with you throughout your Dachshunds stay and normally communicate via WhatsApp. This allows all members of your party to be added a specific 'group chat' for your Dachshunds stay and enjoy all of the updates i.e photos, videos.

Do you walk my Dachshund?

We walk all guests with Darcy & Miley and this tends to be once daily (depending on weather. Darcy & Miley hate the rain). Should you Dachshund require more than one walk, this can be discussed at your 'Meet & Greet' session. 

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